Afghanistan receives another batch of $32 million in humanitarian aid

May 30, 2022
KABUL (AIP): Another batch of $32 million cash humanitarian assistance reached Afghanistan, the Afghanistan’s central bank said Monday.
Da Afghanistan Bank (DAP) said in a statement that following a series of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan, a shipment of humanitarian aid worth 32 million dollars reached Afghanistan on today (May 30).
It said the cash aid was delivered to a commercial bank.
The central bank welcomed "the arrival of currencies into the country through principled and legal means” and demanded of the international community to cooperation with Afghanistan in other sectors.
The provision of humanitarian assistance through banks is according to the international principles, ensure transparency and easy to be distributed among the people. 
Though the Taliban government repeatedly demanded that the funds should be transferred to Afghanistan through the central bank of Afghanistan, the international community have not agreed to this demand and delivers the cash aid to Afghanistan International Bank (AIB). Ends
Time:  09:02 GMT



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